Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tool #11

    After quickly competing the 11 Tools blog, I realized how much knowledge I have acquired about technology, but also that technology requires constant learning. I was able to learn quite a few new things about technology and it's uses in the classroom. I have already started planning different ways to incorporate some of these new items in my classroom. Even though I already have the iPads incorporated into small group, I have reflected on their use and decided that they need some changes. I will be incorporating all of the different resources that I found throughout this blog.
     The 11 tools project has surprised me in different ways. I have been able to collect a lot of different classroom resources and have figured out how to apply my knowledge. There are so many different possiblities for the use of the technology in the classroom. All I need is a little bit of knowledge, an open mind, and some creativity for technology to be successfully used within the classroom!

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  1. You hit the nail on the head - be a constant learner! I think that is particularly true in education today! Education is changing rapidly as we shift to meet the needs of our learners. Technology surely can redefine the way students and teachers construct knowledge, collaborate and communicate! That's why PLNs are so important for today's teachers. We all need to be reaching out and learning from one another! Thanks for your thoughtful comments!

    PS. Trish has audioboo fluency stations going in her classroom!