Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tool #8

     Once I found out about the iPads in every classroom, I got really excited. There are so many uses for these new devices that it is hard to even wrap my mind around. When I started to explore the app store, I noticed that there are a lot more games for math and science, but their are some for language arts and social studies. After downloading a few apps, I started to integrate the iPads into a small group. This worked out great until the students forgot the expectations for the iPad, and they all only wanted the use the iPad, not the notebooks. I have now decided to give specific assignments on the iPads until the issues work themselves out.
     I learned a few things from the videos for tool #8. I learned that I can sync my laptop with my iPads. I have a personal iTunes account, but I wanted something separate for the iPads. Second, the usability of the notebooks are endless. I can especially use these for Google Docs and Edmodo. Third, I was able to learn different ways to incorporate these tools without it becoming too much for me to handle.

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