Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tool #9

     Newer technology can occasionally overshadow the overall objective, but the more technology is used the better the students and teachers get better at the assignments. It is important to tie in technology because we are living in a tech savvy world. Being able to incorporate new ideas with technology can create well-rounded students. These kids will have to be technological in order to work and be successful in the future.
    Stations and centers are a great way to have multiple different concepts covered and helps create more support in those concepts. Small group is also a great time to have one-on-one activities with some students, but still having every student working at their best. Keeping the students accountable creates hard-working students. The students also need to become aware that technology expectations are the same as other classroom expectations.
      I have visited different websites to incorporate into the language arts portion of my classroom.

Read, Write, Think has lots of great resources for my students and me! They have interactive activities and also teacher resources that focus on language arts. It is often hard to find language arts games or activities that are interesting for the students, so it was refreshing to find this web page!


TES iboard is AMAZING! The web page has ease of access and a great search menu to narrow down appropriate activities! This saves me time and frustration! I can find activities easily, and they are fun for the kids!


     Besides Skype and Edmodo, there are lots of different ways that the iPads can be used in my classroom. Their are a TON of apps that with a little research can be used to fit perfectly into small group or centers. There is a poetry app that allows the students to create different poems using specific structures. This app will work perfectly when we are learning about poetry. The iPad can also be used as a video or microphone. While in centers, the students can record plays or record a poem they have created.

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